Connect to your heart.
Connect to your people.
Ignite the world. 

Each month, it’s my joy to create resources to direct you Heartward, to encourage and connect you to a community of soulful adventurers, forming a network of grit and grace.

The Alter Together membership will ground and inspire you with exclusive, expansive experiences, with a focus on leadership development.

Each month will focus on a fresh theme, with invigorating resources:


Alter Together


monthly downloadable audio guided meditation

weekly email to ground, focus, and encourage

access to exclusive workouts and work-in’s

access to ALTER TOGETHER private Facebook group 

monthly live conversation and Q&A with Nicole (later available on-demand)


ALTER Book Club

A deep-dive, year-long guided reading course designed by Nicole exploring all aspects of eudaimonea: flourishing, thriving, spiritually attentive, socially connected, full-bodied joy. Each month includes a selection of either non-fiction or fiction/imaginative literature—hustle and flow—to expand your executive and spiritual toolbox. An email at the beginning of the month will introduce the texts as well as questions and responsive exercises which will form the heart of an ongoing Facebook group discussion. At the end of each month, Nicole facilitates a live conversation (later available on-demand) prompting you to personally engage these new ideas in your life and work.


early access and exclusive discounts for ALTER mentorship courses, events, and retreats 


ongoing surprises